How Communication Trends Are Changing With Cloud

Cloud changing the trends of communication

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Ever since cloud came into the picture, communication has revamped for better. In the sense of making a communication more robust and industry-specific, it is important that the solution should have a pool of features and maintains a smooth connectivity.

Today, the cloud is one such refined technology that has taken a plunge into a more innovative arena of ongoing communication methodology. Cloud relies on the internet, which is a prominently used technology and hence easier for businesses to adopt it for communication means.

With the changing trends, communication has found a new avatar with promising results. Let’s see how these changes are coming into trends in the scenario of communication today.

On the Move Communication

Gone are the days when one had to remain stuck to his desktop to make a purposeful business communication happen. But with the arrival of cloud things are now different. Cloud gives a total autonomy in terms of device compatibility and relevance in terms of making communication executable easily and successfully, from anywhere.

A call that is initiated on cloud happens with the help of a server and can be made or accessed by any handheld device. So an internet makes you through a video or voice call with utter ease. This has taken business communication to a totally level.

Country borders don’t deter a user from making a call because the internet is everywhere. Also, cloud keeps the data related to the communication happened all safe on the server. Data analytics of this information further brings more option to innovate and improvise.

Unified Communication is Everywhere Now

Cloud powers Unified Communication (UC) applications allow IT to eliminate capital spending. Because it comprises every medium of possible communication. UC comes with various product options to have a communication that too via a single platform.

In addition to this, scaling up and scaling down as per the need of business is quite easier and options of expenditure according to the scale of the business. The workplace becomes more productive with the better communication. Singer corporation has opted for unified communication and the results are going now in a very positive way.

The mentioned article even suggests that unified communication will remove the need for laptops or desktops as most of the work will be done on a mobile itself.

Decentralization of Work Culture

Work without communication is impossible. In the same context, a cloud-based communication has given a more decentralized format of work culture. It makes people have a communication despite being in different places. This further makes work possible in a collaborative way.

Because with the help of cloud anybody can take part in a comprehensive discussion from anywhere. This makes the ways of working more wholesome and accessible. The other unavoidable benefit is the involvement of experts in problem-solving.

Involvement of experts through a cloud-based communication media makes it more likely to reach a solution to any problem aptly and immediately.

Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such technology that has found a firm back up by cloud technology. And this has substantially influenced the communication scenario of today as well. According to this article from CIO the merge of artificial intelligence and cloud-based call centers has accelerated the customer support system.

AI is also questioning the traditional ways of doing customer support chatbots have now started interacting with the customers.

Cloud-based communication has made it a lot easier to support a customer. Artificial intelligence and bots are communicating with customers and are presenting the callers with immediate solutions without any human intervention.

Social Tools on Cloud

Cloud-based applications are flexible than the traditional software. And in this way, they are more compatible with the social media. Livechats and micro-blogging are new ways that are used to communicate with the customers today. As most of the customers are there on social media and seek response so it is necessary to have a communication system that has such features.

As this article by Netsuite suggests, the cloud-based software will go social and it will become an important aspect of data management by the companies. Another good feature is that cloud-based solutions upgrade themselves on their own and in this way, follow the latest ongoing trends. They remain safe from the virus because of the perpetual upgrading.

All in all, cloud-based communication is being widely accepted today across all the industries. A Cisco report also suggests that many industries are working towards digitalization and relying on cloud because they believe cloud is reliable, stable, safe and powerful.

To take this idea ahead a cloud-based communication infrastructure is now gaining more significance about the production that needs timely delivery of the final product. Cloud-based communication infrastructure is required for various departments of a company.

The production cell, factory, enterprise and data center networks carry different departmental responsibilities. So, it is always recommendable to have a communication infrastructure that can be compartmentalized with ease with specific needs

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  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I totally agree with all the facts given by you Kirti.
    Adding to this it seems that there would be an increase in the web-based real-time communications market.
    And it is also expected to grow more than 40% between now and 2023.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hey Kirti!
    Appreciate the efforts you put in for bringing out an informative blog.
    I also agree with the viewpoint of how chatbots have opened up a new way communicating with the customers.

  3. Jane
    Jane says:

    Even live streaming platforms such as Periscope & Facebook Live are bringing a new way of communicating with the customers.
    It’s also predicted that by 2021, 82% of traffic is expected to come from live videos.

  4. Emma
    Emma says:

    Nice blog Kirti!
    Really cloud has changed the working culture of a business.
    It has given employees the leverage to work from anywhere, which helps in bringing out the productivity of every employee in an efficient manner.


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