Cloud Telephony: Improving Marketing Efficiency & Behind the Scene Action



Startup owners realize the fact that starting a business is only just the beginning, the hard part is, actually reaching the customers. In the 1st part of the blog we discussed the customer experience implications that E-commerce start-ups can expect from the implementation of Cloud telephony solutions and how its cumulative benefits can influence potential customers to become loyal ones.

In the 2nd and final part of this blog, we will discuss how strategically deploying a Cloud telephony solution or service can help e-commerce start-ups to increase their marketing and operational efficiency and all the other consequential business benefits involved with it.

Increased Marketing & Operational Efficiency

Strat-ups in general, start off with very limited capital and thus intend to derive the most ROI from all individual marketing campaigns. And competing in a fast-paced industry requires them to be able to adapt and respond to quickly to the ever-changing market trends and opportunities. Here are a couple of pointers on how Cloud telephony solutions and services help start-ups to increase their marketing efficiency.

1. Real-Time & Accurate Campaign Tracking

To determine the success or efficiency of any marketing campaign, marketers need to keenly monitor the ROI of that campaign. By deploying a cloud hosted toll free number with a particular toll-free number, advertised along with the campaign, start-ups can determine which campaigns bring in the most number of customers or leads. This way, start-ups can also dismiss campaigns which are not performing well, or optimize them accordingly.

2. Business Agility & Scalability

Business agility and scalability is one key factor for start-ups to consider. They should always be on their toes to swiftly scale their businesses up or down, to meet market demands Traditional business telephony solutions and services are unable to offer the level of business agility and scalability, as they heavily rely on hardware. Cloud telephony solutions and services on the hand, can easily keep pace with any start-up or any fast-paced business operation, for that matter.

“Behind the Scene Action”

Cloud telephony not only offers startups, the ability to engage their customers better it also helps to drive better marketing ROI. Apart from that it also plays many hidden roles, the result of which are due to the cumulative benefit of both the above-mentioned business benefits. If a start-up has numerous departments or stakeholders (support, sales, marketing, production, delivery, etc), Cloud telephony solutions can also be implemented in such a manner which creates friction-free communication within all such departments.

Apart from that, traditional call center solutions require the subscribing businesses to spend an exorbitant amount of money. But for start-ups, large expenditures, as such, are not practical, which is why Cloud telephony solutions are so popular among emerging start-ups, as they focus more on operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure. The only added expenditure that start-ups need to consider are the monthly internet connection tariff.

Another behind the scenes benefit of cloud telephony solutions is that it reduces the need to employ dedicated IT staff, typically needed to manage and maintain traditional (on-premises) business telephony solutions. This allows start-ups to save substantial amount of money and other resources (personnel), which they can utilize elsewhere, like customer acquisition, etc.

It’s no wonder that Cloud telephony solutions have become so popular within the start-up ecosystem. It allows such emerging businesses to gain access to business solutions, which were previously only affordable to larger and more established businesses. Apart from that it also allows start-up businesses to play around with the innate business advantages of Cloud based solutions and services, such as, scalability, affordability, and versatility, all of which are highly useful for any start-up business. It arms start-ups with multiple businesses enhancing tools and utilities which, if implemented properly, can work wonders for any start-up.

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Very rightly said Kirti! Indeed cloud telephony has changed the way how businesses should transform their services for better customer experience.

  2. Sam
    Sam says:

    Cloud telephony has really opened up a way even for the small businesses to increase their efficiency and also give a tough competition in the market.


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