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How Big Data Helps In Delivering Better Customer Experience?

This era is about big data. Because most of us are churning out data on a regular basis with our online footprint. All this makes us question – are we really leveraging this humongous amount of data to improve our lives or it is just a virtual junk?

For instance, the customer support environment has a lot to do with data and the insights they carry because every single conversation taking place with a customer is based on one data point or another.

A customer’s contact number itself is a data point and it carries a lot of possibilities and insights. But every such insight is meaningless until it supports in delivering a better customer experience and leading to individual customer satisfaction.

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So, if we talk about the satisfaction level of today’s customers, the role of big data is becoming vital day by day because it helps in understanding customer behavior and speculating their moves well in advance.

The motto is always to end up delivering the utmost customer satisfaction and a customer experience. Because it is customer satisfaction that leads to long-lasting customer relationship and customer loyalty.

Let’s look at how big data has chipped in to make better customer support environment, with an unavoidable and important stake in providing a seamless and satisfactory customer experience. And also, how cloud technology has undoubtedly supported these ideas from the very beginning.

Business Solutions with Data Mining

Every organization suffers certain challenges. Some of these challenges are personal and others are global in different business scenarios.

Let’s say if we talk about communication, it has changed a lot with the arrival of cloud technology. Earlier the technical infrastructure used to depend on the hardware and the software that drove it. But with the help of cloud-hosted communication solutions, the communication infrastructure can be easily built without hardware.

It is only cloud technology that has made the usage of data so easy that we could move into the era of big data now. And the initial support from the cloud technology has only made it possible.

The insights from data have many uses in the field of business. They help in making strategies to deal with today’s customer needs. The mutual understanding with the customers helps in decision-making process, substantially.

Also, customer satisfaction depends on how well the services being delivered help the customers in tackling with their immediate problems. The insights from the customer data help in understanding the customers in a much better way to further design better solutions. With better understanding, customer offerings also improve.

Data Support Powerful Features

Some cloud hosted tools have such features that are continuously supported by the insights from the big data. For example, many call center solutions are integrated with the CRM and this makes the best possible usage of the customer data.

The agents can easily give the customers a personalized experience because there is much information handy about an individual customer. Apart from this, such insights also help in lead generation and sales acceleration activities because the statistical results help in decision making.

If we specifically talk about the customer support process, the agents have to take immediate decisions for better results in a business communication. This further leads to better designing of the product.

Cloud hosted features also help in managing the customer data efficiently and make the best out of the available resources. The best of the ideas are the ones that involve analytics into various processes.

For the same reason, as a Mckinsey survey done over 700 organizations suggests that most of the companies are spending on data analytics to gain competitive intelligence on the market behavior. And also to get a better understanding of the customer needs.

It also suggests that today we have plenty of tools available to use the insights of the data. In the same manner, better ways of integrating data across a various range of internal or external sources supports the auditors as well as analysts to spend less time in finding the information and more time on applying the results.

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys tell a lot about the customers and their inclination and interests. The results from the survey help in customer experience analytics. The usage of big data supports to do better customer surveys.

Companies are analyzing all the data from the CRM system, public data or inventory data just to make their customers predictable. The big data insights also help in getting clear analytics goals.

Generally, there are two kinds of data, structured and unstructured. Most companies generate unstructured data on a daily basis. According to an article from Customer Think, now, more number of companies are working on extracting value out of the available data.

The very first step to improve the customer experience is to understand the pain points of the customers. To execute this process many call centers are also analyzing the text comments and the discussions and feedbacks on the social media. When the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction then every aspect from the data can bring in a new idea.

Why Call Centers Need Insights from Data

The big data and analytics are changing call centers as they work, suggests this Forbes article. To get the best possible results, speech analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing) are being opted by the call centers today. NLP algorithm is used to decode and interpret words and the way they are spoken.

Speech analysis can interpret caller’s tone, vocabulary, sentiments, and pauses that the callers use. Both the analytical activities help in making the customers more predictable. The whole analysis amounts to a big unstructured data.

So, if we include speech analysis with predictive analysis the results have enhanced several folds now. The article also suggests that when the call center data is combined with the social media data, the customer related specific problems can be zeroed in and further tackled with efficiently.

In addition to this, big data has also influenced the call center industry through HR. Finding the right set of people in the call center industry is an essential thing because the pressure and need of the call center environment are not sustainable for every individual.

The trained human force helps a lot to achieve customer satisfaction that is needed for the call center business to go ahead and achieve the best results. The bulk of data is there and the best possibilities big data has brought in are delivering results now. And this is the reason many big organizations are relying on the strength of data.

According to HPC, the benefits of big data include some points that are necessary to be added here.

  • The customer experience has just got better across all the channels and devices.
  • Personalized offers to the customers that are location specific.
  • Better understanding of the ongoing shopping trends to tap a better customer base.
  • Real time pricing based model that uses customer data constantly.
  • Analysis of social media streams are along with call center records and product reviews.
  • Intelligent product placement and better designing of store layouts based on the analytical results of customer behavioral patterns.
  • With the help of structured and unstructured data, forecasting of the customer behavior has become much easier.

This is a digital age that helps in real-time analysis to help the decision-making process where two parties are involved with a need and a service. Call centers are such platforms where customers come to find a solution. And a good way of supporting customers is to give a solution that is apt and immediate.

We can say now that the insights coming from the big data are unavoidable, today. Many cloud hosted solution and tools are being included in the customer support environment. Cloud technology is also supporting the idea of big data.

The ideas coming along with big data are promising in terms of delivering seamless customer experience leads to fullest customer satisfaction.

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  1. Augustus
    Augustus says:

    Really big data has opened up a new vertical in understanding consumer behavior, their usage patterns & preferences. All these information are really helpful in identifying new customers and streamlined targeting.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    I have been reading a lot about how big data can be leveraged for better customer service. There was a report from Mckinsey which stated that the use of big data could increase the operating margin of a retail business by more than 60%.

  3. James
    James says:

    That’s a really informative post. Big data can also be helpful in giving a personalized experience to the customers which can deliver around 5 to 8 times the return on investment spend on marketing.

  4. Julia
    Julia says:

    That’s very well put up. Indeed big data is a treasure for any business in order to understand their customers more deeply.


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