New Era in Industries with Cloud Communications

Today, Cloud Technology has influenced different segments of the business. With advancement in technology and customers being more aware, there is a need for every industry to match up with it and adapt to industry changes. One of the disruptive changes that almost every industry is witnessing is in the way they communicate – either with the client or within in the organization.
Businesses have moved far from the limitations of the fixed line phone for their communication. Modern communication solutions, which mostly rely on the cloud technology, are making their way in various industries in different ways to add more value to the business. This infographic depicts some of the lucrative facts of cloud communication adoption along with the impact it causes on different sectors:

  • Hospital Industry: Healthcare industry has reduced their expenditure by 20% per year by practicing cloud-based communication solution.
  • Manufacturing Industry: By upgrading to VoIP and UC services, the average savings businesses observed ranges from 30-75%.
  • Education Industry: This industry witnessed major benefits like secure communication, mobile access, & distance learning for supported study.
  • Banking & Finance Industry: According to The Economist report, Cloud-based solution can be used to reduce 60% of banking cost, deliver banking facility to remote population and discover new payment methods.
  • Travel Industry: UC is responsible for contributing to advanced communication methods in the Travel industry. It is a profitable option for time-sensitive messages.


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  1. Sophie Mark
    Sophie Mark says:

    Such a resourceful infographic, Kirti!
    Definitely, cloud-based communication is delivering optimum-level satisfaction to customer’s expectations and bringing more competitiveness to businesses for services they offer.


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