How Outbound Communication Is Taking Today’s Call Centers to New Heights


Call centers have come a long way now. The traditional way of dealing with the customers has always been reactive. It means, support is given to the customers by the agent only when the calls arrive. Making an outbound communication with traditional telephony has always been a cumbersome task. The traditional telephony has lived through its own limitations but now things have completely changed with the cloud based communication solutions.

If we specifically talk about outbound communication, the exponential increase in the number of customers has made it more essential to be well equipped with better technology. Because if the technology that has been opted for your business lags in terms of delivering a good customer service then the overall perspective of your business falls behind in getting the best customers for your business.

It has been found in the Hubspot report that the marketing activities through the outbound calls have just influenced the 16% of marketers, positively.  And the efficiency of the outbound call center has diminished in such a way that the report suggests, around 223 million Americans have registered for the ‘Do not call list’. It shows the outbound call centers have not proven to be very efficient from the point of view of the customers. Despite this the outbound call centers are essential entities to make a solid customer base for your business and today’s call centers have improved upon this in a much better way.

What Comes Under Outbound Call Centers?

Outbound call center solutions comprise the tools to outreach the customers in every possible way. There are various medium that the outbound calls are made to the customers. Calls, email, chat are various medium that the customers are communicated with. With these medium that are well equipped with customer information give a totally new result. This’s why the outbound call centers have turned into powerful source for expediting business processes and involving the customers purposefully.

Methodical Customer Engagement

The traditional call centers had limitations in making customer engagement more purposeful and result oriented. In the recent times, the outbound call centers have proved to overcome such limitations and make your business more equipped with a solid customer base. The factor that has brought a big difference is ‘proactivity’ in the customer services today. And this proactivity is a result of well designed tools for outbound call center solutions.

Today, the customers are available on various channels and can be contacted through not merely a call. Email, chat and social media are widely used by the customers. It becomes more necessary for a customer service system to be able to tap the strength and possibilities of these channels.  Outbound calls can also be used for notification, alerts and announcements or any kind of update for the customers.

Since the CRM is integrated with the portal, the agent can easily deliver the most customer centric message. This brings more exactness to deliver the best possible customer service. Outbound call centers enhance the scope of the customer service by ensuring a less risky way to drive customer satisfaction, positively.

In a recent news report, it has been found that social media has come up as the most cited channel in terms of setting a strategic priority for customer engagement these days.

Social media is also being used as a metric to measure the overall performance of the customer satisfaction level as well as the customer engagement. Since the customers are increasing in the online space and social media has made customer outreach a lot simpler and effective, that was never a case earlier.

Streamlining Business Activities

Your business involves many processes and executing them in well planned manner leads to good results. Let’s understand the role of outbound communication in executing business processes with the best result possible. Outbound calls, not only help in finding new customers but also help in retaining the existing ones and also drive their customer experience.

For example, if we consider an individual customer who has a renewal of a plan or registration due then integrated CRM should is able to initiate the outbound notification about this particular thing. Here the customer can easily choose the way, he should get the message according to his ease and convenience. Different customers prefer different channels such as email, voice or text.

In a course of time a customer develops a business relation with you. So for the customer, it becomes essential to stay updated in terms of profile and payment method etc. Generally, most of the customers don’t pay much attention in this direction and leave it to the business they are involved with. The customers can be motivated to do theses needfuls with a periodical outbound notification.

To make business processes streamlined, the most necessary thing is the communication that is happening with the customers is two way. It means the customer is voluntarily active. The outbound communication can also be used to apprise the customers to keep track of the developments in the business process. In a general perception, the outbound is involuntary to the customers. So the customer’s response totally depends the worth the message is carrying.

Automating Call Center Operations

The overall productivity of traditional call centers have always been dependent on the efforts made by the agents. But now with cloud hosted call center solutions, the outbound calls have become very intelligent. Now once the customer data is fed to the dialer, it automatically dials the contact numbers and routes the call to the available agents.

The dialer also filters out the fax, answering machines and do-not-disturb numbers. This helps in expediting the whole process of customer outreach and give it more precise and clear approach. Predictive dialer is one such example that is proving to be powerfully engaging the customers and agent with a lot better scope of purposeful business communication. The outbound call center solutions have found a totally new meaning with it. And with a new age outbound communication system, customer success has become more likely.

According to a recent report by Forbes, there are several result oriented trends that have been on priority in the year 2017. The report depicts that most of the businesses are focusing on the customer success and are selecting the best tools and technologies for the same. Cloud is one such technology that is helping the customers in a much powerful way.

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