10 Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Technology has been growing both is scale and scope, influencing not only our individual lifestyles but the entire global commerce and business industry. With that being said, don’t expect that the rapid growth of technology is going to slow down anytime soon.

According to the American research and advisory firm, Gartner, here are 10 interesting technology trends to look out for in 2017.

1 . Advanced Machine Learning

Computers and machines, in general, are set to become more intelligent to a point where they can learn processes and activities on their own. With advanced machine learning, we humans can soon delegate our daily tasks to computers and machines and focus more on other crucial things.

2. Intelligent Apps

In 2017, we can expect more and more intelligent apps which can adapt and change according to the user’s behavior, provide more personalized user experience, accessibility, and service.

3. Virtual & Augmented Reality

The virtual and augmented reality is all the rage nowadays! It holds tremendous potential at both the consumer as well as the industrial end with its reality altering capabilities.

4. Intelligent Things

Expect to see more and more intelligent things pop up in 2017. Intelligent things like drones, robots, smart appliances, autonomous cars, and more, simply intend to deliver more interaction and integration between the real and the digital world.

5. Mesh App & Service Architecture

Recent mesh app and service architecture developments are also expected to pop up in 2017. This will provide apps and other digital services to communicate with each other on a broader scale and share relevant information for a stronger, interconnected app and digital service environment.

6. Digital Twin

Digital twins is another recent technological trend which allows businesses and organizations to predict operational issues beforehand and allows them more time to come up with mitigation strategies.

7. Digital Technology Platforms

Digital platforms in 2017 are expected to become more popular and provide businesses with greater proficiency and accessibility across the board.

8. Blockchain

Blockchain implementations are predicted to become more robust, helping businesses verify their daily transactions more efficiently.

9. Conversational Systems

Conversational systems like hosted IVR systems are supposed to become more advanced, adaptive, and dynamic in 2017 with more and more features to assist, enable, and entertain customers and clients.

10. Adaptive Security

Information security is a major sector of the modern IT infrastructure and has seen a great many changes and advancements in the past few years. This trend in still going strong in 2017 as data security is one of the most major concerns for businesses all over the globe.


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