[Infographic] – 5 Things You Should Know About WebRTC

Browser-based technology that functions independent of device or platform – WebRTC real-time communication solution has completely changed the way we communicate and meet end user’s expectations. From user, an integrator to a developer – WebRTC brings benefits for all and enables direct interaction with customers throughout their buying journey.

WebRTC can completely transform the communication landscape enabling companies to explore new business dimensions. As, per 2014 WebRTC Market Status & Forecasts Report, by 2019, there will be more than six billion WebRTC-enabled devices and up to two billion WebRTC users.

Such rapid growth of WebRTC solution has created multiple channels for meeting customer’s expectations by developing better support services for them. Customer concerns can be answered directly by adding presentations directly to the video that can be used during up-selling and cross-selling methods. For faster and clearer video, audio calls, it can be integrated with the current software.

With WebRTC, enterprises have moved to IT-centric communications, reducing the number of mobile apps downloads, mobile desk phones, and simplifying device management. Adding up flexibility in the business environment and facilitating functioning of business processes in a better way.

There are ways WebRTC solutions can be used by customers such as communication-as-a-service in which it extends to video, voice and messaging services from traditional devices to laptops, ipads, tablets that allow users to stay connected irrespective of the device used. For instance, WebRTC dashboard gives people the flexibility to stay-in-touch irrespective of the device used. Another, way to deploy WebRTC is to embed it inside websites enabling sales rep and customer connect over the same platform easily.

In this infographic, we’ve discussed the top five things that you should know about WebRTC.


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