[Infographic] – On-Premise Vs Hosted PBX: Which is Really Better?

Wish to multiply profits in short period of time? Want to boost up the revenue numbers at an exponential speed? And want to manage it all using traditional telephony systems. Well, it’s going to hit big troubles on IT and sales managers. So, here’s a post that illustrates how abandoning the use of on-premise or traditional telephony system and using hosted PBX services can simplify business communication hassles.

Let’s start it by considering a situation in which sales agent fails to answer important client issue in time as, he was on vacation and later encounters loss of project worth millions. Well, if hosted voip solution would have been in place then this call would have led to double-glazing sales number.

Hosted voip set-up brings on board advanced call routing options and ACD capabilities to forward the calls to personal or office phone based upon priority. Thus, clients and customers call can be directed to sales manager based upon their availability. No need to take charge of call control or manually handle the calls. Small to medium sized companies can take the leverage of cloud-based services to get enterprise-class solutions on tighter budgets and simplify the way communication is managed between in-house and off-site team members.

Hosted VoIP solutions can help to enhance your business performance in various other ways and meet the highly competitive and constantly changing demands of workplace. If you can’t afford on-premise IT staff, need a global presence, want to build up easy scalability, get enhanced reachability, provide 24x7x365 support service then Hosted VoIP solution can do it all.


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