Find Me/Follow Me Feature: Be Always Available

If you are familiar with VoIP technology and the call center environment, then you must have surely heard or even used the ‘Find Me/Follow Me’ feature. This feature enables agents to never miss important incoming calls as it helps create a sequential system where customers can reach the agents wherever they are. Let’s delve deeper and find out about the intricacies of this wonderful cloud-hosted VoIP telephony feature.


What is Find Me/Follow Feature

Basically, the ‘Find Me/Follow Me‘ feature is a bundle of two identical telephony services which automatically handles incoming calls. The ‘Find Me’ helps customers to reach their assigned agents or customer care executives, whether that person is in the office, on the road, or anywhere in between. All they need is to dial a single number which connects to the assigned contact number of said agent or executive.

On the other hand, the ‘Follow Me’ feature works somewhat opposite to the ‘Find Me’ feature. This telephone feature creates a single system generated a number which re-routes all incoming customer calls to the agent’s or executive’s assigned contact number list, one after the another until the call is answered. This feature is especially useful for people who work at different locations and yet still want to be connected with their clients at all times.

The ‘Find Me/Follow Me’ feature can be set up in different ways. It can be configured to route incoming calls to all assigned devices all at once, to different locations according to a time schedule, or, even sequentially.

How it Works

This modern telephony technology called ‘Find Me’ creates a system where incoming calls are automatically routed to find the assigned agent or executive and connect the call where they might be. Whereas, with the ‘Follow Me’ feature, the system created routes all incoming customer calls through multiple numbers assigned by the agent or executive in a sequential manner until the call is connected.

The Find Me/ Follow Me feature also transfers incoming calls to voicemail if they are not answered after a specified number of rings. This allows customers to leave voice messages for their assigned agent or executive, which can be accessed later.

What are the Benefits

1.  Only one system generated phone number is needed by customers and clients, which connects to all assigned phones and devices.
2.  Important incoming calls can be answered from anywhere.
3.  Customers and clients with specific needs are automatically routed to their assigned agent or executive.
4.  Agents and executives are always connected to their customers and clients, regardless of where they are.
5.  Agents and executives are always available to their customers and clients.
6.  The feature helps promote staff productivity and also enhances customer experience.

Find Me/Follow Me enables businesses with a virtual telephony system, where you can assign a complete schedule, according to availability, and a comprehensive list of contact numbers. As a customer calls on the system generated a virtual number, the system automatically routes the call to the appropriate contact number, according to the schedule, preference, and availability mentioned earlier.

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