5 Trends for Business Communications in 2017


Communication as we all know it is an integral part of just about everything in our lives, including business and commerce. In the corporate world, an effective and smooth channel of communication is absolutely vital for successful business operations. It ensures a steady and coherent flow of valuable information between various stakeholders, employees, departments, partners, and customers.

Here are 5 business communication trend that businesses and organizations need to acknowledge in 2017.

1. More Aggressive Malware and Virus Protection

According to a survey conducted by the AV-TEST Institute, there are more than 390,000 new malware popping up every day on an average. If we do the maths, that accounts to about 270 computers being affected by malware and other malicious software every minute. Cyber security experts have also confirmed this trend and are said to have found about 3.5 times more viruses in a single month in 2016, compared to the entire year of 2015. This raises serious questions about the viability of virus protection and data security solutions and services.

In 2017, we can expect to see new malware and virus protection systems and tools which implement innovative threat detection to discover and eliminate malicious software, even after it has gained access to a certain IT infrastructure. This way IT system administrators can be informed about potential threats quicker.

This, in return, will enable business communication channels like emails and other digital communication more secure and enable system administrators to mitigate such issues rapidly, before the virus or malware can do serious damage. Data security protocols predicted to be implemented in 2017 can also provide greater insights on potential weak spots that cybercriminals can use to illegally gain access to It infrastructure and plug them before someone exploits them.

2. Focused Data Delivery

With more and more businesses becoming digital and data-centric, with more partners being incorporated within business operations, business communication in 2017 is expected to become more complex and influential. The trend of efficient information flow among all departments of a business is becoming more and more critical for success.

In 2017 business communication is predicted to become more tightly knit to bind together every aspect of a business’s daily operations with the various stakeholders to provide greater transparency and insight on business-critical data.

Focused data delivery will ensure that messages and data floated across a business or organization will be highly dependable and accountable. This will further ensure better-informed business decisions, all based on real-time data, and brings together the entire business for greater collaborative prowess.

3. Constant and Coherent Digitization

Business digitization is one trend that is predicted to keep growing stronger well into 2017. In the coming years, business success will strongly depend on the high quality and always up-to-date analytical data. It is predicted that all communication-based business operations will be consolidated and condensed in 2017 to offer reduced operational costs and inefficiencies. It is also said that business-critical data will in the future be directly accessible on mobile devices, which will then process them further.

This is where cloud-hosted communication platforms like cloud PBX systems really shine as they provide a digital platform with a tried and tested communication and data flow structure at its core. It performs really well with any kind of communication structure, be it person to person (P2P), application to person (A2P), or automated as the Machine to Machine (M2M) communication.

4. Customer Experience

The customer communication management analysts at IDC have stated that customer communication and experience industry is set to grow in scale and scope at an average of 8% every year until 2020. This highlights that bespoke and custom-tailored customer communication will be key in the next couple of years. By stressing on customized customer experience, businesses can expect to gain a tremendous competitive advantage.

In 2017, expect to see more advanced and complex customer communication strategies which try and build a closer relationship with faster and more satisfying customer interaction. This will ensure greater customer retention and involuntarily building a strong rapport with existing customers.

These modern services and solutions can be integrated to any business more easily and are expected to deliver reliable and transparent communication processes. These modern and innovative customer communication strategies will also ensure that customer interactions are highly customized and efficient, as well as being flexible enough to adhere to all known security policies and rules.

5. The Dawn of IoT

IoT is the next big thing to hit the IT industry. Although it is not a new concept, but its implementation has been rather slow. But with the growing numbers of smart appliances, both industrial and household, it’s only a matter of time till IoT becomes mainstream. In the near future, we can very much expect a complex network of interconnected appliances and devices, which communicate with each other and deliver highly individualistic customer data.

Data generated from IoT-based devices will bring about a huge paradigm shift in communication in general and the way customer data is processed and analyzed. Business-critical data, with the help of IoT, will now be delivered and processed in real-time and provide more conclusive insights, enhancing communication process and strategies greatly.


To sum it all up, communication nowadays is very different from what it was 10 years ago. Business communication processes and strategies have also been through a whole lot of changes in the last decade and have evolved and adapted to the digital environment which influences all business operations of the 21st century. Businesses also need to adapt and change to derive the greatest benefit from the changes in communication and be ready for the future.

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