UCaaS vs PBX – Who Will Win the Business War?

Unified communication is on the rise and according to a survey conducted by Broadsoft suggests that more than 51% of businesses are expected to adopt Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS), which is a 10% increase from the survey conducted in the previous year.

The large enterprise segments have a more positive mindset in adopting the cloud, where the telecom companies expect 45% of large enterprises to adopt UCaaS by 2020.

      1. Every business is on the run to save hardware and software cost and UCaaS provides lower up-front cost and helps in saving both hardware and software costs in comparison to traditional PBX system.
      2. Cloud provides more scalability in terms of user addition or removal, giving the businesses an ease of networking, which is very difficult in the on-premise PBX systems.
      3. A business should always maintain a seamless communication with the help of a high-speed internet connection, UCaaS provides a way to manage the network from a cloud-based platform which further enhances the quality of communication. On the other hand, traditional PBX suffers a lot in terms of main

This infographic below will help you understand the comparative benefits offered by UCaaS and On-premise PBX.


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