VoIP – The Financial Advantages


We can all remember the days when making voice calls through the Internet involved numerous hassles and obstacles, and was also a very slow and ineffective process. The call quality was irregular, to say the least, and in some cases, the quality was so poor that neither parties could comprehend what the other was saying. Calls would get disconnected often, and this was the case for voice calls only, as the collective experience with video calls in the past was far more horrible.

Although with the advent of modern Internet and stronger, better, and faster Internet connectivity and infrastructure, such woes of the past, are all but distant memories. Such recent advancements of technology have enabled VoIP applications and platforms to achieve immense popularity and efficiency in the corporate echelons of today. But that’s not all, business VoIP solutions now offer many new and advanced features and utilities like call conferencing, call transferring, call hunting, and much more, to help businesses increase their overall productivity along with offering numerous financial advantages for a pleasing bottom line.

In this article, we shall highlight a few business areas and how VoIP influences those areas financially.

Diminished Infrastructure Costs

Compared to legacy phone systems for businesses, cloud hosted business VoIP services offer far greater financial advantages, for businesses of all sorts and sizes. In the case of on-premise VoIP infrastructure, businesses need to spend substantial amounts of capital to procure the necessary hardware, personnel, software licenses, and supporting infrastructure. But with cloud-based VoIP services, client businesses only need to cite their operational requirement, which then becomes the obligated task of their service provider to deliver.

This way cloud-based VoIP services and solutions offer subscribing businesses with numerous opportunities to reduce capital expenditure. However, bear in mind, that the drop in capital expenditure results in higher operational expenditure.

Unprecedented Scalability

The best thing about cloud-based VoIP solutions, or any cloud-based application for that matter, is its ability to adapt to scalability changes with great agility. In the case of on-premises systems, upscaling or downscaling to meet business demands becomes a cumbersome task, usually requiring days of business downtime and added expenditure in the form of hardware and software licenses. But with cloud-hosted VoIP phone service, upscaling and downscaling is as easy as buying retail products from the Internet and depending upon the VoIP phone service providers, generally, involves only a few mouse clicks.

BYOD Advantage

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a very popular trend within the modern corporate echelons, especially for freelancers, telecommuters, and on-the-go employees. This allows businesses to reduce their capital expenditure in terms of hardware and only provide their employees and other stakeholders with the bare necessities and authorized credentials to access the business network. With the help of a VoIP phone service, businesses can smoothly roll-out and enforce BYOD policies and strategies.

With business VoIP service and BYOD practices, businesses can expect to improve individual employee productivity and satisfaction by a great extent. This further goes to say that by not investing in individual employee equipment and hardware, businesses can derive considerable financial savings, and yet properly equipping their employees to perform their duties and responsibilities optimally.

Reduced Cost per Call

As we all might know, long distance and international phone calls through traditional business telephony systems are very expensive in terms of cost per call. This becomes a huge problem for businesses with multiple geographical locations. VoIP telephone service, on the other hand radically reduces the cost per call for long distance international calls.

Both internal (inter-branch and inter-departmental) calls and external calls made through a business VoIP platform are much cheaper compared to conventional telephony tariffs. This is due to the fact that, VoIP uses the existing Internet network to connect the calls. Some cloud telephony service providers even offer their clients with an unlimited number of calls, for a very low monthly cost.

Operational Expenditure

VoIP services also help businesses to substantially reduce their operational expenditure. Firstly, because they do not require separate Internet network to operate. With cloud-hosted VoIP services and solutions, businesses no longer need to worry about infrastructure, hardware, and other such necessities, as all the operational necessities are delivered by the service providers. This again allows businesses to save quite a lot of capital, which they would otherwise have to spend on procuring the operational necessities. Cloud-based VoIP also allows businesses to further reduce their operational expenditure as it requires very few personnel, on their end, to operate and manage the entire business communication structure.

Cloud-based communication services and solutions like VoIP not only enables subscribing businesses to carry out their necessary communication over highly secure and ultra-fast data networks, they also enable them to reduce their operational and capital expenditure to a great extent, and brings to table, numerous business enhancing advantages and benefits along with unprecedented business agility and efficiency, essential for any modern business.

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