Customized Messages

The Real PBX does not want to deliver best; we want to deliver even better than that. Customized Message is just one of the ways to deliver a Hosted PBX service that is perfect. Customized Messages are special voice messages that will be played during a call, when the attendant is not available to take the call or when they have to put the caller on hold. These messages can be human voice messages or any other voices, such as- brand tone, music, etc. You can easily set up and customized the messages to be played during the calls. Customized Messages can bring in some vast positives for your business.


The Real PBX makes optimum efforts to deliver the mediums to connect the callers with the attendants. Our Hosted PBX service is empowered with features, such as- Advanced ACD, Simultaneous Ringing Feature, etc. that makes the callers connect with the required destination quickly, and it may be possible that during hectic hours, the call attendants are not be able to handle every call. By setting up the customized messages, you can pay the requisite attention to those callers who are not being assisted currently. Even if you are not promoting any product in Customized Message, a time specified replay to express gratitude for their patience can be very soothing for the callers.

Why Customized Messages are Important?

The beep sound that is usually played when the call attendant is busy can be very the annoying for the customers. While the customers are paying you their precious time and you put them on hold or keep them on wait, you might be missing a great opportunity of business. Smart business sense gives suggests making the best use of each moment customer has for your business. Since keeping the call on hold or managing free lines for each call might not be possible, the Customized Messages is the best way to engage customers. One can play promotional offers, product pitches, etc. that can interest the customer and gain more business opportunities.

Customized Messages distances the customer from feeling unattended. Along with that, Customized Message prompts a feel of the high-standard earmark that can impress the customer. Customized Messages are very simple and easy to setup. You simply need to select the voice message that you want to be played during the call and choose the extension or the department. You can even set different Customized Messages for different extensions in the same department. It gives you the complete freedom of operations with the Hosted PBX.

The Real PBX takes pride in keeping hassle-free operations for you and that is why we have a team of experts available to assist you in setting up Customized Message on the Hosted PBX services. Reach us anytime over phone, call or email.

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