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Dialing a number and not able to reach it or not getting any response from the other end can be very frustrating moment for the callers. There are perhaps uncountable number of reasons for which the dialed call may not be answered, like- line being busy, network issues, recipient unable to pick the call, etc. The effort put in to dial the number again and again just adds more to the frustration.


Well, The Real PBX cannot ascertain that your dialed calls will be answered, but our Repeat Dialing feature assures to reduce your efforts in dialing the same number repeatedly. Hence, it takes off some of your frustration as well.

What is Repeat Dialing?

Repeat Dialing is feature with our Hosted PBX service that can automatically dial a number repeatedly till the call is answered. For the any reason due to which the call is not answered; be it network issue of recipient, line busy, etc., this feature remains active till the call is answered once, or for a maximum of 30 minutes. If the call is not answered in 30 minutes, repeat dialing will be disabled itself. You can enable the Repeat Dialing manually again, if you want.

This feature is very convenient for connecting to the any number that is very busy during the rush hours. Instead of traditional way of dialing the number repeatedly, you can keep working on your other tasks to make the best use of your precious time, while our Hosted PBX will keep the dialing to connect. Our Hosted PBX service will keep the best efforts to connect your call and when the call is connected your software will show it. So, you need not keep the headphones or speaker stuck with your ears.

Hosted PBX – Unmatched Features

Cloud technology is the host of PBX service from The Real PBX. Cloud is well known for its ability of serving the customers with the some amazing powers and it has not let the expectations down with PBX as well. With an experience of more than a decade with cloud services, we have developed a knack of excellence with the services we deliver. Some of the most amazing features that The Real PBX offers are:

  • SIP Trunking
  • Call Parking
  • Unified Communications
  • Move Numbers
  • Unlimited Calling
  • 3-way Calling
  • Virtual Extensions
And many more. To get a practical impression of the perfection in Private Branch Exchange services, try-out our services for 10-days without paying anything.
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