Blended Call Center

What are Blended Call Center Solutions?

Blended call center solutions are a package or amalgamation of both inbound and outbound call center solutions. They are usually intended for businesses which don’t want to or can’t afford to employ separate inbound and outbound calling staff. With a blended call center solution, agents can seamlessly handle both inbound and outbound calls, reducing the idle times. It also allows the agents to move to and fro between inbound call queues and outbound calling lists.

We provide a highly comprehensive and customer-centric cloud-hosted blended contact center solutions which can intelligently handle both incoming and outgoing call traffic and accordingly routes the calls to the agents as per the existing operational protocols. With the help of our blended call center solutions, agents can make and receive calls as per the demand and streamline the overall operational functioning of a call center business. Our blended call center solution also optimizes your workflow by reducing wait times and call abandonment rates.

Blended Call Center Features

  • Intelligent Dialer Functions

    Our intelligent dialer flawlessly blends both inbound and outbound calls and utilizes each and every agent to their full potential and increases productivity within your call center environment.

  • Real-time Visual Call Display (Reporting)

    With real-time call reporting through our intuitive dashboard, businesses can gain access to up-to-date reporting metrics and implement necessary protocols and strategies to plug any operational discrepancies for greater productivity.

  • Call Transfer

    With our advanced call transfer features businesses and their agents can transfer customer calls between extensions connecting your callers to the department or agent most equipped to handle the customer’s issue or request, with the least amount of effort. 

  • Call Whisper / Call Barge In

    With our Call Monitoring (Barge In/Eavesdrop) feature, call center supervisors can manage their teams better. They can ‘Barge In’ on calls where the agent might be misleading the caller and eavesdrop on calls to gauge individual agent performances. 

  • Conference Bridge

    Connect to multiple participants easily with our Conference bridge feature and carry out virtual meetings with high quality audio and video. It makes organizing and participating in large scale virtual conferences easier and hassle free. 

  • Music on Hold

    Break the silence – Play custom hold music or up-selling, promotional and marketing messages to keep your callers engaged and on the line when you put them on hold. Choose the music to best suit your business needs.

  • Call Recording

    Monitor individual agent performance, seek out agent-caller interactional discrepancies, and optimize call center scripts with our Call recording feature. It also helps call centers to reduce the training time of new recruits by using the call recording of the top agent as a training tool. 

  • Custom Call Dispositions

    Create custom call dispositions with comprehensive customer interaction reports for all the inbound and outbound calls to help keep the entire calling staff on the same page and keep your supervisors and managers involved and well-informed about customers.

Boost Agents Productivity With The Real PBX Blended Contact Center

  • Simple & user-friendly dashboard to manage the entire call center
  • All solutions are compatible for cross-device & remote operations
  • Secured network platform ensures HD voice communications
  • Free Setup & Maintenance Assistance
  • Performance monitoring and reports updated instantly
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) delivery

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