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A call missed is an open door missed. For organizations, missing one open door can bring serious outcomes. Does that sound genuine, however frightening? Well, if you are using the services of our Hosted PBX, missing a call would never be under consideration. With Call Transfer feature, calls will reach you any of the numbers you are using. No matters if you are in office, traveling somewhere or whatever, calls meant for you will reach you. Call transfer service can easily be implemented to transfer the call from one of your extensions to another number. Thus, all the incoming calls will be steered to the number you need.


How Call Transfer Helps Business?

Consider an example, in which your representative was able to help the customer with the product plans and sold it. Now the customer needs technical support to use the product, however, your technical support is available at the different branches. Now choose which option you want. Your representative should ask the customer to disconnect and dial to another number or he should simply press one key to transfer the key to the concerned department. The choice is simple, maybe! That is why businesses need call transfer.

Most of the employees will use their official extension as medium of contact for official purposes, which may not have a specified time. Such purposes may have variable influence on the overall business of the company. In case, when the employee is away from the desk, there is always a risk of missing the call. A call back on the return might not always help. Also, for small and medium businesses with the workforce located at different locations it is immensely important to connect and transfer calls between the employees quickly to keep the productivity rising.

Call transfer connects them all easily and everywhere. Within a few key strokes, the required destination of the call can be reached without worrying about geographical distances.

The Real PBX- Hosted PBX Better than Anything

Hosted PBX service is nothing short of a superpower if you are choosing The Real PBX. Along with call transfer, there are so many more wonderful features that help your employees to connect easily. Some of them are:

And lots more.

  • Call Parking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Remote Integration
  • Advanced ACD
  • 3-way Calling
  • Call Queue Management
and lot more..
call transfer feature

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