Call Center Solutions

Cloud Hosted Solutions to Serve Enterprise-Grade Contact Center

Hosted call center software suite is an all-inclusive telecommunication solution to help businesses connect to the right people at the right time. It also allows businesses to optimize their workflow according to their ever-changing needs. Our quick to deploy and easy-to-use software suite includes real-time visual call display and numerous predictive dialing features which help improve contact rates while adhering to all compliance policies.

Call Center Solutions

Perfect Solutions for Your Call Center Needs

Inbound Call Center

An intelligent mechanism designed to help you manage even the heaviest of incoming call traffic with ease.

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Outbound Call Center

Offering unprecedented agility, our outbound contact solutions reduces the agent’s idle time & boosts up productivity.

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Blended Call Center

A feature-enriched solution to balance outbound and inbound calls perfectly at call center of any size.

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The Real PBX Call Center Solutions Benefits

  • Delivers a stable platform with lean, scalable and cost-effective telecommunication solutions.
  • Helps create an agile business with collaborative solutions.
  • Ensures low latency and high voice quality.
  • Offers real-time monitoring of each agent's performance.
  • Helps carry out data-driven lead management solutions.
  • Ensures highest call success rates and increased reachability.
  • Integrates latest technologies to meet ever-changing customer demands.
Hosted call center benefits

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