PBX Features

The Real PBX is heavily packed with features that will streamline your business communications in the best possible way. From enhancing the quality of connectivity to improving the business reputations, we have developed a number of features for all to serve you with the par excellence solutions. Have a glance at the feature list below and realize why opting for The Real PBX can take your business to whole new level.

Calling Features

Call Blast

Save your agent from repeated dialing with the robo-calling feature, which improves connectivity rate.  Read More

Call Return

Never miss out on the business calls. Trace the missed calls by dialing *69 and call them back. Read More

Call Hunting

Don’t miss any call by allowing office phone, personal mobile, etc. to ring for same call sequentially. Read More

Call Waiting

Incoming calls remain on wait when you are already on active call with option to switch between them. Read More

Call Parking

Keep one caller on hold while you speak with another, along with the option to connect them as well. Read More

Call Transfer

Connect the calls to the right destinations without much of efforts using manual or built-in ACD feature. Read More

Call Blocking

Block the unsolicited calls and avoid the things that can harm your business. Read More

Repeat Dial

Skip manual dialing and use Repeat Dial to call the same number repeatedly until the call is answered. Read More

Call Recording

Leverage call recording feature to maintain quality standards in your organization. Read More

Unlimited Calling

To keep your business calls going even at the end of billing cycle, we offer unlimited calling features. Read More

Call Forwarding

When a certain extension is unavailable to take the incoming call, forward it to other extensions. Read More

Call Conferencing

Arrange virtual business meetings by connecting different parties on the same call over HD voice quality. Read More

Find Me/Follow Me

Set your different phone numbers in the list and it will find the available one whenever a call arrives. Read More

Group Call Pick-up

Prioritize the routing of incoming calls to particular department or extensions to deliver better solutions. Read More

E911 Emergency Calling

The Real PBX’s VoIP services can legitimately connect with 911 and other emergency support numbers. Read More

Call Screening/Announcement

Make announcements over phone call to any number of customer without requiring agents for dialing. Read More

Click to Call

Just with a click on the phone number on your website, your customers will be able to initiate the call. Read More

Call Management & Reporting

Caller ID

Identify the callers way before you speak with them and prepare to deliver the best solution with a plan.

Dial by Name

Speak or type the first letters of name of intended caller to simplify the dialing process. Read More

Music on Hold

Keep your called entertained even on hold by playing music, current offers, etc. to make more business. Read More

Unlimited Extensions

Deploy any number of virtual extensions for agents on the same phone line to handle heavy call flow. Read More

Do Not Disturb

Avoid all the incoming calls when you are in middle of some other important tasks using DND feature. Read More

Conference Bridge

Host the virtual meeting on our Conference Bridge, a world class communication platform for voice calls.

Call Voice Tagging

With forwarded calls, you can set the tag like Sales, Support, etc. so that call is appropriately answered. Read More

Simultaneous Ringing

Make different phones to ring simultaneously for the same call to ensure that no call is missed.

Call Distribution (ACD)

Smart distribution feature to route the calls on basis of agent performance, caller’s requirement, etc. Read More

Call Queue Management

Manage busy hours with ease by listing and prioritizing the calls on wait when all agents are busy. Read More

Call Routing (Time of Day)

Automate the call routing with a number of customization options, such as Time of Day and many more. 

Call Monitoring/Barge In

Listen to the ongoing calls to analyze performance of the agent for quality control and training. 

3rd Party Conferencing

Compatible to join in on the voice conference hosted by the user, who is not on your network.

Call Center Features

Load Balancing

Distribute the call traffic in smart way to balance the load for all departments, employees, etc. 

Predictive Dialing

Save your agents from stress and give them more time to convert leads into sales with predictive dialing. Read More

DNC List

Built-in “Do Not Call” list to ensure that your business does not violate any legitimate rule or policy.

Schedule Call Back

Schedule the call backs automatically with feature to call back after a time period or at a specific time. 

3-Way Calling

Connect on a call with 2 different parties at the same time for quicker decision-making conversations. Read More

Customized Messages

Messages to be announced are easy to customize with your own recordings or text-to-speech method. Read More

Automatic Script Fill-up

Keep the agents at their comfort by availing them the sales script within their device at just one click. 

Blended Call Management

Channelize all the calls – incoming and outgoing with The Real PBX’s finest management system.

Custom Call Dispositions

Built-in call disposition options for agents to update the conversation detail for better sales tracking. 

Answering Machine Detection(AMD)

Our dialer identify the answering machine and connects to agent only when a human answers the call. 

Real-time Visual Call Display (Reporting)

Logs of all the activities on the network are stored on cloud to present you detailed reports instantly. 

Other Features

Internet Fax

Receive and send all the fax as email in the PDF format to get over the hassles of Fax machine. Read More

Toll Free Numbers

Receive more sales calls from international locations as the callers will not be charged for the calls. Read More

DID Numbers

Customize, manage and maintain a number of extensions on the same phone line of your business. Read More

Internet Voicemail

Don’t wait to reach office to listen voicemail as The Real PBX sends them into email inbox instantly. Read More

Multi-Level Hosted IVR

Install machine-based IVR to answer the callers and assist them with the correct solution or call transfer. Read More

Unified Messaging

Integrate with your other business software to deliver the best Unified Communication performance. Read More

Move Numbers

You can even use your existing numbers when you switch to the services of The Real PBX. Read More


As your communication needs change, switch between the plans within minutes without hassles.

Remote Access

Based on the cloud, all features are available over a remote access to allow you work from anywhere.

Guaranteed QoS

The Real PBX enforces the best and latest technology to deliver Quality of Service guarantee with SLA.

Disaster Recovery

Our instant & automated backup on secure servers can get disaster-affected solutions active again within minutes. Read More

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