5 Benefits of Cloud Hosted Predictive Dialers

5 Benefits of Cloud Hosted Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers are intelligent outbound call processing and management systems, created for the sole purpose of simplifying callings tasks for agents and representatives. It uses a complex computer algorithm, which is based on even more complex probabilistic and statistical patterns, to make outgoing calls to numbers fed into the database and then assigning them to available agents.

The sophistication and competence of such modern cloud-based predictive dialers, clubbed with automatic call distribution systems/software has significantly increased the efficacy of call center environments. A recent study shows that predictive cloud dialers have helped businesses increase their hourly efficiency from 40 minutes to 57 minutes, which has further helped reduce idle time and unnecessary expenses as well.

Predictive cloud dialers help create a continuous calling process by ensuring close to zero wait time between calls. A new number from the company database is dialed as soon as the previous call ends, which allows agents to utilize every second of their daily working hours and connect to the next person as soon as possible, with the least amount of downtime involved.

In this article, we shall briefly discuss a few benefits of cloud hosted predictive dialers.

Unbiased & Intelligent Call Allocation

Cloud hosted predictive dialers can intelligently assign calls to available agents. Predictive dialer systems never target a specific agent, nor does it wait for specific agents to become free. According to the system, all agents are capable enough to handle all incoming calls. This way the agents get no choice over which number to call, and the system automatically assigns calls to agents without any bias.

CRM Integration

Modern cloud predictive dialers also have tremendous CRM integration capabilities which help to organize and manage client and customer databases while systematically maintaining all relevant records. All pertinent customer data is available to the calling agents on screen, which eliminates the need to take and manage notes on customer requirements.

Predictive cloud dialers also help create and manage local Do-Not-Disturb lists, and list of phone numbers which were busy or not answered previously. It can also create lists which will be populated with numbers that don’t have the potential to be converted into leads, which leading to a better CRM database.

Better Call Queue Management

Predictive cloud dialers along with automated call distribution software can work wonders for call centers. It can be implemented in such a manner which enables it to handle both incoming and outgoing calls. This way all incoming and outgoing calls will be managed by the system and assigned to available agents. The system can also manage call queues better if agents are unavailable or busy and even take messages or call back requests, which will be relayed to a free agent as soon as possible.

Improves Efficiency

A predictive cloud dialer creates a calling environment which takes into account numerous factors like the time of the day, the prospective lead’s location, and much more to figure out the best time to call the said prospective lead. It also allows each individual agent to become more efficient themselves and polish their current skill-set. A cloud hosted predictive dialer system also allows managers and supervisors to monitor individual agent performance and come up with mitigative processes and strategies to enhance efficiency.

Promotes Professionalism

When using a predictive cloud dialer, all calls are assigned to agents by an automated software system. This eliminates any and all issues of prejudice and bias regarding the workload of a call center. This helps promote a more professional relationship between the business administration and the employees of a call center environment and allows each and every agent to improve upon their performance by allotting an equal number of calls to each agent.

In a call center environment, even a seemingly negligible amount of inefficiency can lead to consequential and considerable losses. In the 1990s, several call centers suffered from the same issue of inefficiency and yet couldn’t get to the root of the issue, as all agents were constantly on calls. The issue was later discovered to be the time wasted on manually dialing each number which increased the operational costs to a great extent. With the advent of predictive dialers, this issue was completely mitigated literally revolutionizing the entire industry and enabling call centers to reach greater heights of efficiency and reduced downtime.

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