VoIP and the Growth of Workplace Mobility

Improving workplace productivity is a guaranteed way to increase business revenue and there are lots of ways to achieve that. Implementing and utilizing cloud hosted VoIP technologies is a sure-fire way to promote workplace mobility, which further helps to improve productivity and performance.

Promoting workplace mobility not only helps businesses to enhance communication, both internal as well as external, but also helps automate manual processes, improve response times, and much more, leading to more flexible and productive business operations.  VoIP-and-the-growth-of-workplace-mobility

In this article, we shall discuss briefly a few pointers how implementing VoIP solutions helps promote workplace mobility which further helps businesses increase their productivity and at the end of the day, their revenue as well.

Increased Productivity

According to a recent study, on average, telecommuters clocked up to seven more work-hours than their in-office counterparts. This goes to show that working inside an office all day long is a productivity killer for some and this is where hosted VoIP services and solution prove advantageous.

They allow employees to work from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere else for that matter and stay connected to the employer’s VoIP network.
Apart from that, VoIP telecommuting also allows employees to stay connected and work even while they are on the move. For instance, it enables them to attend important client calls during their lunch hours, and even while commuting to and from the office, all from their smartphones.

And going by the increase in the number of mobile workers, which has increased by 30 million in between 2012 and 2015, this trend is definitely going to keep on going strong in the future as well.

Better Employee Attitude

A Chinese travel website in 2014, revealed in a study that compared to office workers who came into the office daily, remote workers were much happier, productive, and also unlikely to quit. The apparent increase in productivity is simply due to the facts that remote workers don’t need to commute every day to and from the office, they need lesser breaks, and are also less distracted, all of which helps them to work for longer hours.

Even though remote working can work wonders for businesses, employers are still hesitant to adopt and implement remote work policies all because of the misconception that remote workers become difficult to reach out to.

With the help of hosted VoIP technology and its numerous business enhancing features all these issues can be easily addressed and mitigated, all the while offering employees a flexible and fluid work environment.

By availing the benefits of hosted VoIP systems and working remotely, employees can now attain higher levels of productivity, as it allows them to relieve stress by avoiding unnecessary office complications and relax whenever they need to.

On Call Always

VoIP systems allow employees to stay connected to the business network at all the times, even during their vacations. This eliminates the need to sort through the huge pile of emails, voicemails, and pending workloads that accumulates while an employee is on vacation. VoIP enables remote employees to stay connected and in the loop from anywhere with a stable internet connection, through any compatible device.

Vacationing employees can check their voicemails and even make or answer important calls, regardless of where they are or the time. This is a true example of how beneficial VoIP mobility features can be for businesses and employees alike.

VoIP technology is not only meant to provide better service to customers but is also capable of creating a highly efficient workplace of the future. Most businesses nowadays are aware of all plethora of benefits VoIP systems can bring to their daily operations, but seldom use it to increase employee efficiency through highly flexible and advantageous work policies.

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