How Switching to VoIP Helps Saves the Environment

In the recent times VoIP based communication solutions have proved to be eco-friendly. If we look at how VoIP is helping in keeping the environment green. The foremost reason is, VoIP doesn’t use any traditional hardware setup to take care of things in customer support environment. The lesser the usage of hardware leads to lesser IT waste. And IT waste is a big threat for environment today.

Another factor is usage of electricity. How much of electricity is consumed by a particular solution. Production of electricity has a powerful impact on the environment in a negative way. Lesser number of hardware leads to lesser power consumption. VoIp based solution just use the internet and are easily accessible on various handheld devices.

Another factor that comes into picture is, if you are using VoIP based communication solution then you don’t have to remain stuck at one place. You can use VoIP on the move. VoIp gives you autonomy to use the solution from anywhere, anytime.

As the contemporary cloud hosted call centers opted for VoIP based services, the customer support environment started accommodating the remote agents. Located in different place these agents remain in touch with the manager and carry on the customer service process. Also there is no need to develop any physical infrastructure to run an office. Once there is no need of office. There is no need to commute and it also saves the environment from the excessive usage of fossil based fuel.

If you are opting for VoIP, you are also contributing for your social responsibility. Every step taken towards a less consuming society helps in keeping the environment green. And VoIP is proving its eco-friendly benefits in a much emphatic manner today.


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  1. Rowan
    Rowan says:

    Hey Kirti!
    Nice infographic! Have been searching some pointers on how VoIP is helping to go green.
    Keep sharing your thoughts on VoIP and it’s changing technology.

  2. Moses
    Moses says:

    Never thought that VoIP can even contribute towards a greener environment.
    Surely with VoIP helping in reducing the power consumption, it would be great for businesses to save on its cost.


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