5 Ways Call Recording Helps Improve Agent Training

5 Ways Call Recording Helps Improve Agent Training

Call recordings have great potential for educating and training call center employees both experienced and newbies. It provides a great many avenues to improve upon agent performance and their prowess to deliver customer satisfaction, which further helps with improving the efficiency and profitability of a call center environment in general.

Here are a few pointers highlighting how call recording help improve agent training or coaching, which further helps to improve the overall efficacy of call center employees.

1. Upskill Agents

Call recordings can be used by admins and supervisors to gauge the skills of individual agents and thus find ways to improve and help said, agents, to upskill. Admins and supervisors can gain essential agent data like how they greet the customers, how well they interacted and communicated with the customer, how efficiently they addressed the customer’s issue, how well they performed the basic calling etiquettes and customer relationship management prowess.

By using real life customer call recordings, call center agents are able to understand their strengths and weaknesses better and work upon them to either eliminate or modify their tactics, which results in effective upskilling and coaching of said agents.

2. Find Room For Improvement

Call recordings can also be helpful to find room for improvement for agents. Admins and supervisors can gauge the agent’s level of product knowledge, their communication skills, and even if they are adhering to company rules and regulation, all from their call recordings.

Call recordings can also help identify agents who take longer periods of time to close calls and those who are not able to use the call center software and other tools properly. Admins and supervisors can collect and analyze this data to find room for improvement for individual agents and work upon them to increase the overall efficiency and performance of the agents.

3. Create Customized Training Material

By using call recordings, call center admins and supervisors can come up with customized and individualistic training plans and material which focuses training and developing individual agents as per their strengths and weaknesses. Common training modules and plans usually don’t address every individual agent’s skill set.

But with the help of real life call recordings, such agents can be provided with focused training which will help them improve on their required areas of improvement. Not only will this help, such agents to improve upon their weaknesses but will also help with reduced attrition rates.

4. Promotes Self-Evaluation

Providing agents with access to their own call recordings is a great way to promote self-evaluation. This will enable call center agents to review their own performance and find ways to circumvent common issues with greater ease and efficiency.

Going forward, it will also help them to learn from their own mistakes, which will enable them to identify their weak areas themselves and work upon them accordingly while motivating themselves to be better than their previous selves.

5. Review Both Good and Bad Calls

Apart from knowing what to do, call center agents also need to know what not to do. This is where call recording help to figure out differentiate a good call from a bad call. By reviewing both good calls and bad calls, agents with poor performance can improve their communication skills.

It also helps agents, in general, to handle customer queries better and lead them to a satisfactory answer or solution. Supervisors and admins can also use such call recordings to improve their training plan by first making the agents listen to a bad call and then pointing out areas or instances which resulted in the bad call.

As we all know that customer service expectations are skyrocketing, as the customer now demands more than just a simple answer to their queries. They now want issue resolution as quickly as possible by communication with a skilled and experienced agent. This is where call recording come in and help agents become more dynamic in their approach to solving customer queries and leading to a satisfactory answer or solution and improve their performance with the intent to provide the best customer service possible.

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