How Using Toll Free Numbers Can Win a Customer

Communication is considered to be one of the best attributes of human evolution. Businesses are aware of this fact and have long been leveraging the power of communication to complement their operations and strategies.

With the help of a dynamic and robust customer engagement system, businesses can easily create and maintain a loyal customer base, as well as create long lasting and purposeful branding activities and campaigns. Usually brand building is only restricted to advertising and marketing campaigns, due to the fact that they offer wider brand exposure, leading to increased sales.But businesses also need to be aware of the fact that, marketing and advertising campaigns alone cannot help influence the perception of potential customers, in instances where they are not completely happy with the business’s services or products.

This is where 800 toll-free numbers come in!

Toll-free numbers have evolved from being a simple voice-centric service/solution to a multichannel communication platform with a plethora of integration capabilities. They now play a very crucial role in many marketing and advertising campaigns/activities. In fact, it is said that there are more than 40 million toll-free numbers currently in use all around the world, in industries like healthcare, communications, travel, education, high-tech, and many more. Toll-free numbers nowadays are an indispensable business asset, for businesses of all sorts and sizes. The benefits of having a toll-free number are nearly endless and its business advantages goes well beyond brand recognition or brand credibility.

In this infographic, we intend to shed light on 3 distinct and common business issues, in terms of customer retention and customer service, which can be easily alleviated with strategic implementation of a toll-free number.


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